Monday, November 9, 2009

we have been appointed Corporate Business Associates (CBAs) of M/s NIS Sparta Education & Learning Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (A Reliance ADAG Group Company)

Please note that NIS Sparta offers training in the space of Sales Maximization, customer Relation, Personal Effectiveness & Leadership & management.

Moreover, please note that NIS Sparta has the following International alliances also:

We are sure that, if given a chance, we will successfully analyze your needs and make world class training available for your people at very economical prices.

Thanking You
For The Winning Edge Solutions

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We are the Corporate Business Associates (CBAs) of NIS Sparta Education & Learning Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Asia's leading training, education and learning solutions provider.

With a presence in training for over 17 years, as one of India’s first to recognize the need for Professional Skills training – today we have evolved to cover a wide gamut of needs across chosen industries and segments, working with corporate like you to build the competitive edge.

NIS Sparta has focused training offerings in the space of Sales Maximization, Customer Retention, Personal Effectiveness and Leadership & Management.

We work at multiple levels to stimulate an environment which fosters Innovation, and fuels exponential growth. Our customized offerings bring in deep-rooted behavioral change, and goes beyond goal oriented interventions, which are no doubt essential but also come with a limited lifecycle.

NIS Sparta has continuously leveraged power of emerging technologies to deliver efficacious training solutions. We today use mediums such as videoconferencing, online learning modules, collaborative Web casting techniques, as well as a host of other innovative, technology-driven teaching methodologies, which in today’s market environment also prove to be cost effective ways of skill development.

We would be honored to meet you at a mutually convenient time, to share some of our learning in this space. We would also seek from you, some insights into your industry and your training needs.

Look forward to an opportunity to meet you.

For, The Winning Edge Solutions